Finnish investment company


H. G. Paloheimo Oy Ltd. is a Finnish investment company. Its roots go back to the year 1889, when H. G. Paloheimo bought the Santamäki farm in the village of Launonen in Loppi. The company is still family-owned.

Today, H. G. Paloheimo Oy Ltd. is focused on investment and real estate business. In its investment operations, the company invests in the shares of both listed and unlisted companies as well as other securities. Its real estate operations include the sale of plots and other locations as well as areas being developed for future residential and commercial construction.

The H. G. Paloheimo Oy Ltd. headquarters are in Riihimäki.


The company invests in selected securities in Finland and also in other markets globally. The company principally invests in the shares of listed companies and other securities.

The company's investment operations are professionally managed. The company cooperates with selected partners.


H. G. Paloheimo Oy Ltd.'s real estate operations include real estate ownership primarily in the Loppi and Riihimäki region, but also in the Tuusula and Hausjärvi areas. The company currently has several residential plots on sale in the Riihimäki area.

The company also has major future residential and commercial construction sites in development.